Activision Blizzard appoints new diversity officer

As Activision Blizzard continues to struggle under the weight of multiple PR disasters related to sexual harassment and union breakdown, the company has appointed Kristen Hines as its new Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Officer.

“I am delighted to join a company that is prioritizing its commitment to DEI and advancing towards the ambitious goals it has set itself,” Hines said in a press release:

The company needs all the DE&I help it can get. Last year, Activision Blizzard acknowledged that ongoing legal difficulties affected the ability to recruit and retain employees while a malfunction of the company’s representation data revealed women make up 24 percent of the company. Add to that the high-profile departure of Blizzard co-CEO Jen Oneal after just three months amid reports that she offered less pay than her male co-lead, Mike Ybarra.

Hines, who previously did DE&I work for the info technology company Accenture, will join Activision Blizzard’s executive leadership team. She will also be responsible for helping the company achieve its diversity goals and ensuring that “diverse and inclusive perspectives are incorporated into game design, including storylines, character development, gameplay and community interaction.”

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