Champions League final delayed due to late arrival of Liverpool, Real Madrid fans at Stade de France

Champions League 2022 Final: The top match between Liverpool and Real Madrid was delayed by 15 minutes as organizers wanted to ensure ticket holders could safely enter Stade de France.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool: Champions League final delayed by fans’ late arrival at stadium (Reuters Image)


  • Fans were caught up outside the venue ahead of the UCL final
  • The Champions League final was initially delayed by 15 minutes
  • Real Madrid are chasing record-lengthening 14th title

The Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid at Stade de France was postponed on Saturday, May 28 (Sunday morning IST) due to the late arrival of fans at the iconic venue. There was a sea of ​​Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters who had taken their places, but stadium announcers confirmed the match had been postponed to ensure ticket holders made it into the venue safely.

“The kick-off has to be postponed by a few minutes for safety reasons,” the announcer said 15 minutes before the game’s scheduled start at 2100 local time (1900GMT).

While the final was initially delayed by 15 minutes, the stadium announcers confirmed a delay of another 15 minutes. Fans of Real Madrid and Liverpool had taken to the pitch for their warm-up, but they looked relaxed, even though there was uncertainty ahead of the biggest night in European football.

Champions League Final: Updates

Meanwhile, there were sporadic instances of fan violence outside the Stade de France before kick-off. According to the AP news agency, fans without tickets tried to break through security and tried to enter the hall.

A couple of fans, one in Liverpool attire, were wrestled to the ground by stewards and dragged out the gate.

Another fan dodged the stewards and saw him sprint down the hall to the lower level of the stadium. Long lines of Liverpool fans still stood outside the stadium with kick-off just 40 minutes away.

However, the French police emphasized that the screening at the Stade de France is watertight.

“Followers tried to break into the stadium. They made their way through the first filter. The display at the Stade de France is watertight,” the French police said in a statement.

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