Expansion of tabletop runway at Calicut Airport a tough task

The project involves the acquisition of 18.5 hectares and the filling of the valley on both sides of the runway

The project involves the acquisition of 18.5 hectares and the filling of the valley on both sides of the runway

The state government has a daunting task to implement the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s proposal to acquire 18.5 acres and then tax the steep valley on both sides of the tabletop runway at the Calicut Airport before resuming operations. wide planes.

Sources said environmental impact assessment and social impact assessment should be done prior to land acquisition. In addition, a large amount of sand is needed to fill the site. The airport has a topography of 343 feet high.

The initiative will entail huge government spending. Only then could extension work on the Runway End Safety Area (RESA) begin, she added. Until then, the airport does not have permission to operate widebody aircraft, which was suspended after an Air India Express Boeing-737 flight repatriating Indians stranded in Dubai overran the runway in heavy rain and crashed on August 7, 2020.

The delay will have long-term consequences for the airport, as much of the revenue from passenger traffic and cargo services will be lost. Several organizations have demanded that the resumption of wide aircraft and the work on RESA go hand in hand.

The proposal is to acquire 11 acres on the west side of the runway (Runway 10) and 7.5 acres on the east side (Runway28). Some of the land owned by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) will also be used for the project.

The land purchased will be used to extend the existing 90m long RESA to 240m on either side of the runway. In addition, 20 meters are required to shift the locating antenna of the instrument landing system installed in RESA.

For example, the full length of the 2,860 meter long runway is used. The existing landing distance is 2,700 meters. Four years ago, this was shortened to increase RESA.

Meanwhile, AAI chairman Sanjeev Kumar held an online meeting with Calicut airport officials on Wednesday. He told them to work out the micro-level modalities for the implementation of the project with immediate effect.

Sports Minister Waqf and Haj Pilgrimage V. Abdurahiman had held two rounds of talks with tax and airport officials on the purchase of land for the airport expansion project. He will hold another meeting on April 11, the sources said.

SOURCE : www.thehindu.com

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