FAA will revoke YouTuber’s pilot license after plane crash video

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has demanded that YouTuber Trevor Jacob surrender his pilot’s license after he posted a video called “I Crashed My Plane” of a crash that the agency suggests was staged, as reported by The New York Times† In the video (which you can watch here), Jacob’s plane appears to have an engine failure and he jumps out carrying a parachute. In a letter, the regulator told Jacob that he “showed a lack of care, judgment and responsibility in choosing to jump out of an airplane” and said that Jacob “ran this flight to purposely [the plane] to collide.”

Jacob posted the video in December and it already has more than 1.7 million views. like several members of the flying communityThe FAA expressed doubts about Jacob’s choices during the incident. The letter goes against the fact that he failed to properly restart the engine, contact air traffic control for support or find an alternative place to land, despite plenty of options being available. Actually, the agency says, he didn’t try to save the plane before you jump out.

Pictured: No standard procedure for aircraft engine failure.
Image: Trevor Jacob

The controller also seems to be questioning whether the motor failure was real, noting that Jacob appeared to open the door before the propeller even started to slow down in the video. if fly magazine points outJacob usually doesn’t wear a parachute when flying, although he claims he does in the “I Crashed My Plane” video. That said, it doesn’t sound like the plane was in great shape. jalopnik cites reports that it was “in bad shape and in need of major maintenance” and that Jacob tried to fix it himself. The plane is or was a vintage model from 1940, so it is certainly possible that it had engine trouble.

Jacob has long been involved in extreme sports, according to his Team USA bio page† (He snowboarded at the 2014 Winter Olympics) He’s no stranger to YouTube fame, either. His channel has a 2013 video called “Train Horn Prank. Arrested?” with nearly 7 million views.He also has several videos where he skydiving.

According to the TimeWhen asked about the FAA letter – telling him to surrender his pilot’s license or face a daily fine of more than $1,000, Jacob seemed surprised. He replied, “Where did you get that information?” and reportedly stopped answering emails.


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