Have Bitcoin, Will Travel? 4 Strategies for Crypto-Vacations

MAYBE YOU still on par with cryptocurrency. Or maybe your Bitcoin wallet is of value during the recent turbulence. Either way, if converting digital assets into rest and relaxation sounds appealing, you have options. Marko Jovic, a 41-year-old telecom engineer from Belgrade, Serbia, started using crypto to pay for vacations in 2021. He said that despite a recent drop in value, he can pay for many things with his crypto. “You can basically do anything you want with crypto,” said Mr. jovic.

Now that you can link debit cards to cryptocurrency portfolios, it has never been easier to use digital cash on the go. But for travelers who want to avoid the extra costs associated with using a crypto card, the alternative is to look for merchants willing to accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin directly. Fortunately, a growing list of companies, hotels and destinations are eager to do business with crypto consumers. Here are a few up-to-the-minute moves:


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