Hitech Diagnostics to open 40 collection centres in Chennai

As part of its expansion plan, Hitech Diagnostics Center is proposing to open 40 new collection centers in Chennai during the current fiscal year, said Chairman Ameera Shah.

“We acquired the city-based company in October 2021. We currently have 43 collection centers in Chennai and this will increase to 83 by the end of the year,” said Ms Shah.

“Hitech has nine labs in Chennai. The new collection centers will be ours and we want to grow organically. We are not going to make any more acquisitions,” she says.

She inquired that the expansion plans involved a total investment of about ₹10 crore, and said the costs would be covered by internal transfers.

Last year, Metropolis Healthcare acquired the city-based Hitech Diagnostic Center for ₹511 crore.

Ms Shah also said that in order to strengthen Hitech’s presence in Tamil Nadu, there were plans to increase the number of assembly centers from 27 to 77 and laboratories from eight to 23 in two to three years. Currently, Hitech has a presence in eight cities and this would expand to 23 cities to bolster its presence in tier II and III cities.

When asked about Hitech’s performance, she said it was too early to comment as it was only acquired in October of last year.

Hitech currently offers 500 types of tests, she said, adding that their vision was to introduce more tests and deliver reports faster.

Speaking of automation, she said that with the digital-first experience, customers can track the results over the phone.


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