How to run the PugetBench benchmark for Adobe Premiere Pro

If you’re currently a video maker or interested in trying it out, you may want to know how well your PC can perform various tasks in Adobe Premiere Pro. One of the best ways to do that is the Puget Systems benchmark for Premiere Pro.

Puget Systems is a PC manufacturer specializing in professional workstations. They offer a number of different benchmarks for testing hardware in different applications, but the Premiere Pro benchmark is the one we use the most. It will let your computer try all sorts of things, including live playback, export, GPU effects, and CPU effects, and see how it compares to the competition. While there are many benchmarks that try to simulate a professional video workflow, this one collects data from actual use in the real world.

PugetBench is free to download and run. However, if you are using the free version, your results will be automatically uploaded to the Puget Systems database† If you’re testing unreleased hardware or prefer not to have your scores uploaded, you’ll need to purchase a license. The paid version also gives you access to more advanced features, such as CLI automation, CSV logging, and email support. Licenses are available for $550† you can also pay $2,000 for all of Puget Systems’ benchmarks, including those for Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and After Effects.

To use PugetBench you must:

  • Use Adobe Premiere Pro version 14.x, 15.x or 22.x
  • Have at least 32 GB of memory, 4 GB of VRAM and 100 GB of free storage
  • Use macOS or Windows 10/11

The benchmark must be run from a local disk rather than an external device. Make sure that the power cord is plugged in and that all fan settings and power profiles are at maximum.

Find the benchmark in the Creative Cloud app.

How to download PugetBench for Premiere Pro:

  • In the Adobe Creative Cloud appgo to Stock & Marketplace > Plugins. Search for the PugetBench plugin for Premiere Pro and click To install.
  • Download the test assets of the Puget Systems website† It’s a big download that can take a few hours on slower internet.

The benchmark window looks like this:

How to use PugetBench for Premiere Pro:

  • Open the test assets folder. Open the Premiere project appropriate for the version of Premiere you have.
  • Once the project is open in Premiere Pro, click Window > Extensions > PugetBench for Premiere Pro.
  • A window will open in the top left corner. Enter your license code here if you have one. When you’re done, click Run benchmark.

PugetBench will take over from here. Be careful not to move the mouse while the program is running. It may take a while. If you run into any issues, Puget Systems has a ton of troubleshooting recommendations: his website. You will also find an explanation of the various tests that PugetBench performs and the media it uses.

Once the benchmark is complete, a score will appear. You can go to the Puget Systems database to see how that scoring system compares to other systems that have performed this benchmark.

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