I tried to duo with ‘Let me solo her’ in Elden Rings, and it backfired

Update, 5:38 PM ET, Apr 15: I was not expecting this turn. IGN spoke to a player who claimed to be the real “Let me solo her”, and apparently I was playing with an impostor, of which there may be many. While the person who entered my game was actually doing her solo, the player who spoke to IGN said they don’t mind if others compete with them. He told IGN: “I always carry a pot on my head and I don’t get into fights with Malenia boss. If the host or other summons decides to help, I have no problem.” While this revelation weighs heavily on my psyche, my pleasure remains from watching someone defeat this boss single-handedly.

Before I reached Malenia, a notoriously tough boss in Elden Ringhad I heard about the player called “Let me solo her”, who – as their name implies – is fully capable of dealing with the two-phase enemy itself† I was surprised to find their summoning sign last night and even more thrilled that they hadn’t been quickly summoned by plenty of other players who had read all about their skills (they wear almost nothing for protection and they wield two katanas). They came into my game and it was like seeing a celebrity. They even waved. I used my chatty pate and said, “You are beautiful.” We walked onto the battlefield together.

I was so excited to have “Let me solo her” in my playing that I basically didn’t let her solo. Like Bizarro in Sealab 2021I thought I was helping by casting a few Swarm of Flies spells into the ring. They promptly left my game mid-battle. I was gutted almost immediately in the game – and in real life – knowing I was trying to duo with the solo master. They had even motioned for me to stay. Why couldn’t I heed the warning?

After countless attempts on my own, I came across their call sign again, and this time I managed to step back and watch them masterfully take this boss down. The legend of “Let me solo her” is very much alive. Just sit down, relax and don’t try to help.


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