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If you’re currently having trouble accessing Instagram, you’re not alone. Reports on the web (Down detectorreddit) be aware of issues with Meta’s more-than-photos app, where many people see screens saying they’re not signed in, blank image posts, “Welcome to Instagram” posts as if they have a brand new account, or feeds that aren’t load more after the first few photos. A lot roadside employees see similar issues while trying to access Instagram.

Just before 9 p.m. ET, Instagram said the issues have been resolved, so the apps should be working for you again. In a statement given to The edgeInstagram communications leader Seine Kim said: “Earlier today, some people were having trouble accessing Instagram. We’ve resolved the issue as soon as possible for everyone affected and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

The outage did not appear to be related to a specific area and other services were still working. The Network Disruption Trackers at NetBlocks noticed Instagram’s “intermittent” problems are happening internationally, but there doesn’t seem to be any massive blocking anywhere.

Instagram's example of an outage status message

Instagram’s example of an outage status message
Image: Instagram

We also didn’t see any of the in-app outage status messages for Instagram that it began testing shortly after last year’s massive Facebook network outage, which could alert users to major technical issues affecting the platform or the like. its functions.

Update May 26, 2:52 PM ET: Added statement from Instagram confirming issues and working on restoring the service.

Update May 26, 10:20 PM ET: Updated to note that Instagram says the issue has been resolved.

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