Liverpool to offer mental health support to fans over ‘distressing’ Champions League final trouble

Liverpool said on Thursday the Premier League club is working with a mental health organization to provide support for fans who ran into difficulties ahead of the Champions League final in Paris.

Liverpool offer mental support to fans as they struggle in the Champions League final (Reuters image)


  • Some of the Liverpool fans were gassed with tear gas by the French police
  • In the run-up to the Champions League final in Paris, a crowd broke out
  • Britain and France are playing blame games

Liverpool said on Thursday it is partnering with mental health organizations to provide support to fans who need it after a “disturbing” turn of events ahead of the Champions League final against Real Madrid in Paris on Saturday.

The Champions League final was delayed by 36 minutes at the Stade de France after thousands of fans lined up to enter the iconic venue. UEFA said the delay was due to the late arrival of fans. A part of the English football fans, including children. goods tear gas and pepper spray despite tickets to the final. Images from Paris circulating on social media showed some of the Liverpool fans being pushed away by security officials.

While Liverpool fans insisted they were not causing crowd trouble in Paris on Saturday, French police accused fans of the Premier League club of flooding the capital without tickets and creating chaos. Britain and France have shifted blame, even as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called what happened in Paris “deeply disturbing” and called for an investigation.

“The club has pledged financial support to those organizations that are already in high demand and encourages fans to seek support if they need it at this time,” Liverpool said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The scenes that can be seen in and around Stade de France, before and after kick-off on Saturday evening, will remain long in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

“In partnership with the LFC Foundation, which works with mental health professionals on a daily basis, the club has put together a list of organizations that supporters can now turn to.”

Liverpool have requested an inquiry into the issues with the crowd and have also urged fans to complete a feedback form to support any inquiry into the operational management of the event.

UEFA, that was slammed before the chaos, has ordered an independent inquiry into the incident, while French Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera said they would prepare a report within 10 days.

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