Nvidia to announce next-gen GPU architecture in September amid RTX 4090 rumors

Nvidia is getting ready to announce its next-gen GPU architecture, codenamed Lovelace. Ampere is the current GPU architecture powering Nvidia’s RTX 30-series GPUs, after Turing debuted the first RTX cards in 2018. Nvidia is now expected detail its Lovelace GPU architecture at GTC 2022 in September, with CEO Jensen Huang hinting at an announcement during the company’s recent earnings call.
“We will get through this in the coming months and go into next year with our new architecture,” said Huang, talking about a slowdown in demand for GPUs for gaming. “Looking forward to telling you more about it at GTC next month.”
However, a new GPU architecture announcement doesn’t mean we’ll see RTX 40-series GPUs immediately. Nvidia first unveiled its Ampere architecture for data centers, before launching its RTX 30-series consumer cards months later. There is always a slight delay between an architecture announcement and the launch of the consumer GPU. With the RTX 20 series, that was only a week, so that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to wait months.

RTX 30 series cards will live alongside Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs.
Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Anyway, rumors keep suggesting that Nvidia is working on RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 GPUs. The monster RTX 4090 was rumored to be originally released in July, and it could offer a big performance boost over existing RTX 3090 and even RTX 3090 Ti cards. Huang also hinted that the current generation of RTX 30 series GPUs will live alongside the next generation.
The reason RTX 30 series and 40 series are likely to co-exist is because Nvidia built too many GPUs. It’s currently being forced to adjust retail prices due to excess inventory, and we’ve recently seen RTX 30-series cards appear at the MSRP, after years of prices being raised 2-3x by resellers. The crypto crash has impacted GPU demand, and the excess inventory makes it harder to predict when Nvidia will actually put its RTX 40-series cards on the shelves.
Nvidia’s GTC 2022 conference will take place September 19-22, with Jensen Huang’s keynote on September 20 at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET. “I’m looking forward to next month’s GTC conference where we’ll share new developments from RTX reinventing 3D graphics in gaming, the ongoing breakthroughs of AI and building the metaverse, the next evolution of the internet,” says huang.


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