Video game history is colliding: Sierra founders are bringing a seminal text adventure game to VR

Ken and Roberta Williams, two of the most influential figures in video game history, to take the original text adventure from 1976 Colossal Cave Adventure for virtual reality, but also for Mac and Windows PC.

It sounds pretty simple when I say it like that, right? And then I remind you that the game in question looked like this:

Colossal Cave Adventure runs on a PDP-11/34 with a monitor.
photo by automatic pilot (Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

And then I’ll remind you that Roberta and Ken have been retired for 25 years.

And than I remind you that – while Roberta and Ken were making… King’s Quest and phantasmagoria AND are credited with the first graphical adventure game ever in mystery quest AND founded the legendary game company Sierra, which published everything from The Incredible Machine nasty Larry . leisure suit nasty half-life — they weren’t really involved with Colossal Cave Adventurein other words Adventurein other words coming† It was just the game that inspired them.

Ken and Roberta Williams in the early Sierra days.
Photo via Cygnus Entertainment

So this is a remarkable turn in the history of nearly 50 years of video games from to say the least games you originally played on mainframes all the way to the Oculus Quest 2, history in which Roberta and Ken played key roles. But why? “Ken was bored and I suggested he… write a book about Sierra. The process of writing the book brought back long-forgotten memories, which led Ken to learn Unity and make a game,” Roberta Williams explained to PC gamer

I’d say I have no idea what to expect – if their new company Cygnus Entertainment hadn’t already released a graphically barebones trailer which you can check out here:

Cygnus currently has 12 full-time employees working on the game. “It has not yet been determined whether future games will be developed by Cygnus Entertainment LLC or whether Colossal Cave 3D was a one-off effort. Time will tell,” reads the website of the new company

If you’re not familiar with the groundbreaking work of Ken and Roberta Williams, one of their former employees who frequents Metal Jesus on YouTube, sat down with them last week for an extended retrospective. I would highly recommend give it a watch

And if you want to try the original Colossal Cave Adventure (That technically maybe not the first text adventure game), you can play it here on the web

Thanks for all the games, Roberta and Ken. I grew up with King’s Quest and dr. brain and Quest for Glory and much, much more, and I probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them.

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