YouTube’s new tool for brands means you don’t have to see the same ads over and over again

Sometimes it’s a little at obvious when a company launches a major ad campaign on YouTube. If you are a regular viewer, you may see the same ads over and over again. This week, however, YouTube announced that it extend the power of tools that allows brands to control how often their ads are shown to specific users.

This ad frequency tool (called Display & Video 360 in marketing jargon) was actually: launched in February to cover ad campaigns running in various smart TV apps, including the YouTube app and apps from rivals such as Hulu. But YouTube has confirmed that The edge that the program also counts ads that are shown not only on smart TV apps, but on its mobile and desktop platforms. That should mean less ad spam for viewers.

But why does YouTube care? Well, because seeing the same ads over and over isn’t just annoying for consumers, it’s also bad for businesses. Not only do they want to know that they are not annoying potential customers, but also that they are not wasting money showing the same person the same ad too many times.

As YouTube explained in a blog post aimed at advertisers

Now you can supplement your reach by actively setting your weekly frequency target – a solution only YouTube can provide. Combining our unparalleled audience reach with industry-leading machine learning capabilities, advertisers can now optimize how often viewers see their ads in a week. This not only means more efficient spending, but above all a better experience for viewers.

It’s up to brands to put those limits on, of course, but I hope they know that the best ad campaigns aren’t the ones that hammer you with the same message over and over.

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